5 Tips for Selling Your Multi-Family Property in Allentown, PA

by Sep 12, 2022

Before you try and sell your multi-family property, be aware that sellers have to follow all the real estate rules and regulations set by the Allentown, PA government and state law. These rules differ greatly from a single family home or commercial real estate properties. The seller may face costly consequences if these guidelines aren’t followed. We’ll show you five tips for selling your multi-family home in Allentown, PA.

Check your property’s lease

When selling your multi-family property in Allentown, PA, you first need to open all the leases and do an extensive review. Buyers will surely request access to your files, so you must have everything organized. Some buyers may hope to occupy one of the units, so they may move on if they don’t feel confident with your lease agreement.

Prepare the lot

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a multi-family home in Allentown, PA or commercial real estate, presentation is everything! Take pictures of the property and examine them closely. Prospective buyers are taking note of your property’s curb appeal so you should be aware of what works and what doesn’t in your photos.

You should trim the lawn and shrubbery, paint the building if necessary, and ensure that any signage is attractive and that the designated parking areas, amenities, and equipment are well maintained. All these things drastically affect property value and attract buyers. And pay attention to door locks, as fumbling with the keys at the door of your property looks bad.

Organize your documents

Keep your essential documents organized and updated to avoid dissuading potential buyers. Your financial information should be up-to-date, and it’ll be helpful to have an expenses report outlining all costs associated with the property management and rental income.

This report lets purchasers quickly evaluate your homes versus comparable properties on the real estate market and whether they’re worth taking a closer look into. Any papers regarding routine maintenance, repairs, and any warranties that may still be valid are essential for the buyer to see. Prepare documents demonstrating the age of the roof, heat or air conditioning systems, as well as appliances.

Make thorough inspections

It’s important to complete an inspection before selling a multi-family home in Allentown, PA. Finding problems ahead of time is key for property owners. Knowing the property’s existing issues will allow you to fix them before entering negotiations.

If your buyer is still at the negotiating table knowing your property is a fixer-upper, they will likely make a very low offer. It is also possible that your buyer won’t be interested in rehabbing a multi-family property, and will walk away from the sale if they discover any issues that the property owner failed to disclose.

Direct Sale

There’s a lot of work that goes into the selling process, and there’s plenty of worry too. Getting a successful sale is no easy task, and owners will pay high amounts to top real estate agents just to make sure they can get a deal done. But sometimes, you simply cannot afford to wait, and you need someone at your side who will get you a cash offer right away.

We’ll buy your property whenever you’re ready to sell, whether or not you have tenants. We purchase properties as-is for cash at Skilled Property Finders, LLC, so we close quickly! You don’t have to be concerned about sprucing up the place, completing repairs, dealing with real estate agents, or paying holding fees while the home sits on the market.

Our professional buyers at Skilled Property Finders, LLC will review figures with you to ensure you get the right price. We’ll also show you what you’d get if your home was put on the MLS. Working with Skilled Property Finders, LLC makes selling multi-family properties simple! Call (570) 634-0000 or contact us now to talk to one of our trained experts.

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