Dorm Life vs. Apartment Life: Cost Breakdown & Savings for Scranton Students

by Apr 26, 2024

Whether you’re drawn to the University of Scranton’s Electric City spirit or Marywood University’s welcoming atmosphere, choosing between dorm life and apartment living is a crucial first step. Both options offer unique advantages, but cost is a major consideration for any student. Let’s delve into a cost breakdown of dorm life vs. apartment life in Scranton, PA, highlighting potential savings for savvy students.

Dorm Life: Convenience with a Price Tag

Living on campus offers undeniable convenience. You’re steps away from classrooms, libraries, and dining halls. Many dorms boast amenities like fitness centers, laundry facilities, and social spaces. However, convenience comes at a cost. Here’s a breakdown of typical dorm expenses in Scranton:

Room and Board: This bundled fee covers your dorm room and a meal plan. Costs can vary depending on the dorm, room type (single, double, etc.), and meal plan selection. Expect to pay ~$8,000 to $12,000 per semester for a standard dorm room and meal plan in Scranton.

Additional Fees: Factor in potential application fees, security deposits, and linen rentals.

Apartment Life: Freedom and Flexibility

Off-campus apartments offer more privacy, freedom, and potentially lower costs. You get to choose your roommates, cook your own meals (potentially saving on groceries compared to a meal plan), and enjoy a more independent lifestyle. Here’s what to consider for apartment living in Scranton:

Rent: Scranton rental prices vary based on location, size, and amenities. You can find studio apartments starting around $600 per month, with prices increasing for larger units or those closer to campus.

Utilities: Expect to pay for electricity, gas, internet, and trash collection on top of rent. Factor in average utility costs for Scranton apartments when budgeting.

Groceries: While cooking your own meals can be cheaper than a meal plan, grocery costs depend on your eating habits.

Transportation: If your apartment isn’t within walking distance of campus, consider bus fares or gas for a car.

Savvy Student Savings

Apartment Cost-Sharing: Sharing an apartment with roommates significantly reduces rent and utility costs per person.

Scrutinize Utility Costs: Look for apartments with energy-efficient appliances and compare utility providers before signing a lease.

Become a Budgeting Master: Plan your meals, avoid impulse grocery purchases, and explore free or low-cost entertainment options in Scranton.

Consider Scholarships and Grants: Financial aid can significantly offset housing costs.

Be an Early Bird and Save!

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