Know Your Rights: Understanding Your Lease Agreement as an Off-Campus Rente

by Apr 19, 2024

Whether you’re a University of Scranton student seeking Electric City independence or a Marywood University attendee venturing off-campus, a solid understanding of your lease agreement is crucial.

This contract outlines your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, and the landlord’s obligations as well. Don’t get caught off guard by hidden clauses – let’s break down the key components of a Scranton off-campus lease agreement:

The Basics:

Parties Involved: This section identifies you (the tenant) and the landlord (or property owner).

Rental Unit: This details the specific apartment, house, or room you’re renting, including any designated parking spaces or storage units.

Term: This specifies the duration of your lease, typically a semester or a year in Scranton student rentals.

Rent: The amount you agree to pay for rent per month, including due dates and late fee policies.

Your Rights and Responsibilities:

Right to Habitable Conditions: Your landlord must ensure the rental is safe, sanitary, and in good repair in Scranton. This includes functioning plumbing, electrical systems, and pest control measures.

Quiet Enjoyment: You have the right to live peacefully without unreasonable disturbances from other tenants or the landlord.

Maintenance Requests: The lease should outline procedures for submitting maintenance requests for repairs in your Scranton rental unit.

Guest Policies: This section clarifies whether guests are allowed and for how long.

Use of Premises: The lease typically specifies acceptable uses of the property and any restrictions on pets, subletting, or alterations.

Landlord’s Responsibilities:

Repairs and Maintenance: The landlord is responsible for fixing any issues that affect the unit’s habitability in Scranton.

Compliance with Codes: The rental property must comply with all local Scranton health and safety codes.

Access: The landlord generally needs to give you reasonable notice before entering the unit for repairs or inspections.

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